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Stay updated on all the latest features and additions by visiting our web site at, select the Tech Support menu and then program updates. Feel free to email us to with comments and questions or call 800 701-6686.

Latest Updates show we have been busy.

Leasing and Buy here Pay here have found new life in this economy, we have added many new features including Lease Rollback to the residual, and Insurance fee added to the payment, we have also added the ability to collect and account for Insurance, and Tickets, or Fines. As well as the new integration of your BHPH reports to Excel.

We have also added Next Due date calculation Help, so when an account goes ballistic, and payments are completely irregular, you can still manage, and be ready to add late fees, and make collection calls, without doubting your records.

Reports have been greatly enhanced,and made easy to read, and all the new calculations implemented.
One that is noteworthy is the Texas Deferred Tax payment on seller financed loans.

The Texas tax on payments, is actually a gross receipts tax, that enables the seller financed transaction, to pay the tax as the payments are collected, (like a lease). The idea is that if the loan goes bad, and the car is repossessed, the down payment didn't disappear in sales tax, and the dealer may recover losses.

But the most interesting change, and the one that has caused the loudest cheer, is the new re sizable windows., The main deal home screen, customer, vehicle, misc. info and the open, and save windows, as well as both BHPH modules, are all re sizable, from full screen to icon size, helping the most avid multitaskers, maintain many quotes on the screen, or tile the entire deal to cover the desktop.

Our commitment to provide support has been greatly benefited with our Gotoassist remote control service, it does not require you to subscribe,


and the service is fast, and efficient, we have had situations in which a special calculation is developed, or a new form is requested, and aligned to the printer within minutes during a single remote control session.
Remote control is also used for training, so when you hire a new
employee you can simply have them call for a tutorial and we can show them the steps and procedures live.

Another recent addition is the new Info screen holder cross. You will notice a red cross on the bottom right of the 2011 version, click it and it will bring up the Customer, Vehicle and Misc. Info Screens all held in place with a multifunctional cross.

Remember, we are available on the phone, for questions and comments, we can work out any new form requirements, additional stations, or program modifications that you need, you can call us, e-mail or simply using the Call me Back feature in your Help Menu.

800 701-6686

Credit Reports on the Web (free software)

Get rid of that extra telephone line, you can now get Credit reports via your connection to the internet. It is seamless, instant and if you have one of the cable or DSL connections it will happen without noise, static or the garbage that sometimes occur in modem connections. Call or email so we can send you the kit there is no charge for this option with our program versions 03-01 and above.

Use the same report option out of


our Customer Information Screen, select WWW and check your choice of reports (TRW,EQUIFAX, TU or all three) and the report will appear on the screen. Email to for additional information.

Or call 800 701-6686

F&I Menu

Now included standard, the menu calculates items like Gap, Warranty and Life Accident and Health, publishing the results in a ready to sign menu and saving each quote for you to use the one your client selects.

We beat the 22 inch barrier!
Check our FAQ for specific instructions, We can now program forms up to 33 inches long! So we can go the extra inch and fill in all dates, Dealer name and insurance sections.
We have tested successfully with the Okidata ml 320, Okidata has created a special driver for us, it's available in our FAQ section of Technical support.

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