IMPORTANT:Lease Master Versions are Calendar Marked
(LMW2004.exe is for all updates made during 2004
Please check your current Version by selecting Help & About on the Home Screen.
To upgrade you must download a file for each month you are missing.
If your current Version is 06.05.15 you need to download LMW2006, LMW2007 up to the current year.

To Download simply click the desired button and choose to save to your hard disk
after the download double click the file in your computer so it installs the update.


New Advanced Defaults option for County Tax % on Price-trade-in.
More Windows XP Compatibility updates, Inventory Control Features,New MTD Gross Report.
New Texas GAP!!!
New Chicago City Tax On Leases (sales tax and separate use tax)
Now you can keep repair order information with your sold file!
Added Tax to Date Range BHPH Report
New GROSS Report in MTD reporting
New Post Pay Off button in BHPH
New OHIO Tax program... This one calculates the payments without LA&H and adds up the taxes, then at your option you can collect the total tax up front or add it to the lease, The Cap reduction tax remains the same.
New Accessories Tables (edit accessaut.csv with excel) You can now toggle each accessory from Front end gross to back end gross and from Taxable to Non Taxable (purchase only)To load the table you need to select Custom install.
Select Custom Install to update your inventory reports.
New Inventory Count Feature!, Find out how many cars you have or how many fit your search without pulling a report!
NEW 3 Inventory Databases, save your "other" cars, boats, trailers, motors etc, Now you don't have to fill in all the boxes!
Now Delinquency Report includes Tax on payment.
Negative Accessories, V2 and V3 into theMTD Reports
New BHPH Report, expected interest (see the amount you expect to receive if all accounts paid in a period)
Prospect Database record print
MTD V3 Added info.
Improved Repair Order Control, Payment Book on Network Drive, BHPH Late fee Accounting
New OHIO LA&H Rates
Improved Contact manager Task add to tickler warning system
Zero Rate Leasing, Enter Payment, Residual and Term, and close the deal!
New Invoice with return tear off
New smaller width Gross Report
New Changes to the Delinquent report and Florida Doc Stamps Option.
New, Hold mouse on Price Label to see addition of price + accessories
New Minnesota LA&H Rates
BHPH Files display of paid accounts, adjusted for sorting differences
Recap VS Home screen reserve code, matched
File organizer optimized for Windows XP
New Double click the Price Label and get the MSRP

NEW 17 Accessories, (instead of 5) Check it out, You can edit the cost in the recap module!