12-23-2006 Download LMW2006.exe (6.3MG)
(Must have 12-06-2005 or higher)
New Texas LA&H Rates
Used Vehicle information Book value & Retail Boxes
Customer Cellular Phone input field.
Multi Dealer button switch (Can change network location of customer files with a single click)
MTD total net & this month fix.
New Master form align tool so you don't have to send originals by mail.
New Menu Help, Now when you look at the drop down menus you get additional help.
Negative, and positive trade-in equity is shown when you hover over the TACV, Allowance and Pay-off labels
New registration help, now it's easier to read out registration numbers to save time.
Balloon Pyt calc upgrade, more BHPH Help
Recall Trade fix, BHPH Help menus and Fee selection
BHPH grid print fix, and csv Excel option
Lease Doc fee Taxable or not, sample P.O
Roll back to trade allowance
TN Business Tax option