12-06-2005 Download LMW2005.exe (6.3MG)
(Must have 12-28-2004 or higher)
New Disclosure Page for Loan Master Purchase Module.
New Balloon Pyt disclosure
New compatibility with XP Sp2 version of Windows, fixes Wordpad interface for notes.
New Advanced Defaults Choice for Boat Dealers, Automatically re-labels Inventory
New feature for changing Inventory Tax, so old deals don't recalculate
New BHPH accounting report, Fix expected int report
V2,V3 enhancement
New 4th vehicle in single sale option (vehicle3 has item 1 and 2) Perfect for the sale of twin motors,
trolling motor or sell up to 4 vehicles in a single transaction without having to use the compare module.
BHPH Due date mismatch fix
Last name /, dot, : check.
Delinq report fix
Starting July 1st remove your Wells menu name in the defaults module, add a new name GWELLS
unselect the convert residual option and unselect the Add Bank Fee to MSRP
This will help with the new changes.
Balloon Payment Mileage adjustment is now automatic. (no need to use a calculator)
Metro2 update. New Vehicle Status Marine vs. Automotive options
Wisconsin LA&H rate update
More Metro2 updates.
New Jersey Tax Law changes effective Oct 1st 2005.
New improved Search Engine, we added options to filter the search from Any item, to Social Security
Vehicle ID , or Stock Number, so if you are looking for a deal with stock number 5124 you don't also
get a deal that has 5124 as part of the address or telephone number.
To test click File-Open and select the Search button in the recall module.
MTD additions